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It is with the greatest pleasure that I recommend Belinda Balogh as a personal trainer. I have known Belinda in a business capacity as a client since 2001. She came to our offices at our request and worked with us as a trainer. We all thoroughly enjoy the workouts that she designs for us and appreciated her knowledge, professionalism and flexibility. She was always on time and fully prepared. Belinda’s gentle encouragement in pushing you to the next level is very motivating. She is an inspiration to others because she “walks the walk and talks the talk,” applying what she teaches others to herself.

— D. Linette Dobbins, CFP®, President/COO McGee Financial Strategies, Inc.

Creative, consistent and challenging. All the things you need and want in a workout. Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions is a gem.

— Kristine B. – 50+ Beaverton Education Fund

I came to Belinda in 2006 after injuring my back. I can’t say enough about how working with her has helped me stay healthy and pain-free. Belinda is awesome and is one of the reasons that I am upright and ambulatory! I could barely touch my knees when I started in 2006 and now I can touch my toes and am so much stronger. Belinda was able to work with me at the level that I was capable of and just push me enough to help me make incremental, but noticeable progress without re-injuring myself. I have followed her to three different locations to continue to receive her fantastic guidance and instruction!

— Jen Ryan

Belinda is an awesome trainer. She tailors her training session to MY needs, working within my capability and skill level. Belinda’s goal is that she gives me enough challenge without making it too easy for me. In our classes, she keeps the workout fun and varies each session. I feel she is genuinely concerned about me as a person. Belinda often checks in with me, between workouts, to see how I am feeling from the previous workouts. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the 50+ crowd, who wants to improve their fitness level.

I have had a shoulder injury recently and in a class situation, Belinda customized my workout around the restriction. It’s so much fun to workout in Belinda’s classes. Talking and laughing during the workout makes it WAY more interesting and an hour seems to FLY by.

— Kimberly DeAlto, DC

I have attended Belinda’s Pilates and strength training classes for over five years. I get so much from these workouts, and feeling energized, flexible, and stronger after each class. Belinda specialized in tailoring exercises to an individual’s specific needs. Her modifications allow each person to participate in an exercise at their own unique pace and ability, while respecting limitations. Her warm, genuine encouragement enhances one’s motivation to keep striving for improved performance. I feel safe, knowing that my particular needs will be respected and addressed.

Additionally, I feel relaxed with her and others attending her classes. Belinda’s exercise programs have really been an ideal form of health insurance. Each class has a limited number of participants, in order to create a safe, non-competitive, one-on-one environment between the trainer and the client. I have some of the “classic Boomer-Age” physical conditions, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and struggle with weight control. Belinda has helped me with these issues. Belinda is the quintessential Baby Boomer fitness instructor! She listens and then knows what we need, want, and what we can benefit from in an exercise session. What more could you ask for?

— Sandra Miles, 60+, RDH, BAIS

Class starts at 7:30am on Mondays and Thursdays. For the past 5 years, I wake at 7:15AM … jumped out of bed … put my workout clothes on … jump in the car and make it to a class, I DO NOT WANT TO MISS … PILATES!!! Belinda is wonderful and we all feel so much better after each class. What a way to start the day, feeling stretched, connected and strong!

— Vicki Comer, 60+

I chose Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions, because it fit my stage in life – but I was also looking for a health/training coach who would tailor a routine to my personal needs, and who would be patient as I started from scratch. What I found was an upbeat, engaging coach who makes time go by quickly … while never letting me “slouch” on my effort. Looking forward to learning more and have fun doing it.

— Kathie Maughan, Principal, Maughan Design & Remodel, 50+

Two years ago, I sought out a Pilates’ class, at the suggestion of my doctor. After several years of lower back problems, including surgery, my doctor felt Mat Pilates would be a beneficial way to for me to regain strength and flexibility in my core, hips, and legs. I’ve been attending “Dynamic Pilates”, twice weekly, and I’ve experienced significant improvement in strength and flexibility, especially in my back and hip joint. My experience with Belinda tells me she is very knowledgeable and personable and makes sure all exercises are appropriate and performed correctly/safely. Each class is in a “small ” environment, and the social interaction with other class participants is a plus!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE – After my last two checkups, my doctor was very impressed at how my back, leg and hip strength/flexiblity has improved! His comment was “That Pilates is really working for you!”

— John – 70+

Working with Belinda is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She provides personalized training geared more to my needs (I’ve had a hip replacement) and takes a holistic approach coaching me on nutrition to fitness to lifestyle. Because of Belinda’s help most people can’t tell that I’ve ever had a hip replacement. My right side is much stronger and pain free. Belinda is one of the most professional, well-versed trainers, and caring human beings I have the good fortune to know, and recommend her highly!

— Raul Serrano – 60+

Belinda’s individual coaching helped restore my health! I became weak and underweight while going through chemothreapy. Belinda lovingly/gently coached me through regaining my strength without causing injury. My muscle tone and stamina improved rapidly. After a few short months, my muscular-but-feminine arms actually caught people’s attention, entirely due to Belindss well-designed exercise programs.

— Dr. D. McKay, Homeopathic Doctor

As one who’s worked out his entire life at gyms and with trainers, I highly recommend Belinda. Having attended Belinda’s Boot Camp, I can attest to Belinda’s knowledge of her craft and the passion she demonstrates at each session. Each workout is varied, targeted, taxing, but made enjoyable, by her smile and enthusiasm. Belinda very much wishes all of her clients success in reaching their fitness goals. If you’re looking to start a fitness program or looking to increase your fitness level, please contact Belinda.

— Frank Biondo – 65+

I am excited to recommend Belinda Balogh as a Certified Personal Trainer! She has been coming to my residence since 2009. She is always professional, on time, and is innately aware of how to work with me from week to week, since my body changes daily. I trust Belinda’s knowledge to keep me strong, flexible and feeling better in my body.

–Hattie – 90+

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