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Please contact us at 503.860.7178 to check on class availability and openings.

After you reach a certain age, fitness doesn’t just happen. Joints get stiffer, muscles don’t have the flexibility they used to, and even the simplest of physical activities can be a challenge. Keeping fit is something that not only will help you achieve better overall health, but it will help you live the life you want to live… one without limits.

Saying you’re going to start an exercise routine and doing it are two very different things. Especially when you have to take the time to drive over to the gym then wait in line for the equipment you want to use. That alone can make you lose your motivation. Why not have the gym come to you?

When you work with Boomer Fitness Solutions, Belinda Balogh, your certified personal trainer will come to you. And Belinda will go beyond simply writing up an exercise routine. She’ll make recommendations for a balanced diet as part of your planned exercise routine and fitness program and will coordinate with your physician, if necessary.

Belinda delivers your fitness program right to your doorstep… so you don’t go to the gym, the gym comes to you. Belinda works with both individuals and small groups providing services including:

When you’re fit, you’re better able to live life without limits because you’re mood and outlook are enhanced, you’re more confident and have more energy, and not only are you physically fit, but you’re more centered and mentally fit.

Live life with strength and confidence!
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