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Fitness is more than daily exercise. It encompasses your whole self, inside and out, top to bottom. Because of Belinda’s background and education, at Boomer Fitness Solutions, we’re uniquely qualified to offer tips on nutrition and wellness. As a Certified Personal Trainer and degreed in Physiology, Belinda understands how the foods you eat will impact your fitness program and results. Plus she’s a skilled coach and counselor so she can offer guidance on lifestyle choices. Check the Nutrition and Lifestyle page often to see Belinda’s latest tips and advice…

Nutrition & Lifestyle

October 2010Sweet Potato Chips with Greek Yogurt Ginger Dip

June 2010Slow Cooker Black Bean & Mushroom Chili

December 2009Chicken w/Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

November 2009HG’s Perfect Pumpkin Bread

October 2009Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

September 2009Zesty Salsa Salmon

August 2009 #2Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

August 2009UV Safety Month / Recipe : Hearty Wild Rice/Salmon Chowder

July 2009 8 Suggestions to Release Stress

Live life with strength and confidence!
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