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As we mature, we start to tell ourselves and those around us that we can’t climb stairs like we use to OR we can’t reach our toes, because that’s what happens when we get older. Baloney!!! Every day I am honored to work with individuals who have lost strength in their legs, backside and arms. Often I hear questions that include: Is this pain in my leg, sciatica?  Why are my muscles often stiff and achy on a daily basis? Why can’t I lift things as easily as I use to? PLEASE KNOW THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY NORMAL. Unless there is a medical situation, many times these symptoms are due to our current level of “IN-activity”. Please do NOT blame “age” for what you are feeling in your body today! Unless a doctor tells you NOT to exercise, it’s time you come to Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions … You can find a stronger, physically confident, active body.  

The truth is that with our crazy, demanding lives, we often “forget” or have “no time” to take care of ourselves and our bodies. Exercise and good nutrition helps our body maintain flexibility, strength, balance and well being, while warding off pain, sleeplessness, and exhaustion. The good news is that between modern science and exercise technology, working out in one’s wiser/older years can be accomplished WITHOUT excessive physical pain and incredible amounts of time.  You can become stronger, leaner, more flexible, and confident with how you move through your daily life, IF you know HOW to exercise.  Being older doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. It simply means that you need to exercise “smarter”.

Additionally, Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions works with individuals, after physical therapy, who have hip, knee and/or shoulder replacement. Are you planning a hip or knee replacement in the near future? We can help strengthen and increase range of motion for individuals PRIOR to these types of surgeries. We have experienced feedback from both clients and doctors who perform these surgeries, stating that strengthening exercises prior to surgery helps speed the recover process.

With all of this in mind, this is where a certified personal trainer, specializing in exercise for Baby Boomer and Seniors, fits in. Getting and staying healthy/fit is a challenge for even the most motivated person. Working with a certified personal trainer not only ensures that your individual or semi private class fitness program takes your diet, lifestyle and maybe even a medical condition into account, but that you know you will be working with a professional certified personal trainer who knows “how to exercise”, keep you motivated and is focused on your goals.  Again, how you move through your exercise routine is extremely important.  Specific exercise movements that provide maximum muscle improvements, while minimizing stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, are extremely important in Boomers and Senior workouts.

Belinda Balogh, Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions, provides personal trainer services that work for you!  These services are provided in her personal training studio in downtown Beaverton, or in your home or business. Fitness programs available for individuals, small groups, or business environments include:

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