Exercise of the Month – August 2009


This tip is for those of us who are interested in the most effective AND least expensive method of burning fat calories… this month’s tip is about moving your body through walking. Any walking sport should include 30 to 45+ minutes of increased “heart-rate” movement at least 4 to 5 times weekly, with a total daily goal of 10,000 steps walked.

Walk There“Walk There! 50 Treks In and Around Portland and Vancouver” is a small, extremely useful book that promotes walking as a physically safe activity, is easy on the pocketbook, enhances emotional health, and suggests multiple, fun/interesting treks throughout the area.

This easy-to-use book supports the importance of walking, while providing fascinating walking paths and a well mapped-out guide of how to get to each trail/path/scenic tour. Additionally, at the bottom of each “walk,” guidelines provide info regarding the number of miles to be walked, approximate number of steps walked, and a difficulty meter so that you’ll be fully aware of the demands of the trail. This book provides information about incredible paths, from easy to difficult. Designated treks include neighborhood nature parks/greenspaces, challenging power walks with longer distances/elevated terrain; City Center & Commercial District strolls; and historic neighborhood walks. Another bonus, for those interested in a cardio-lunch hour, are treks including one hour routes.

“Walk There!…” is a project of Metro’s Regional Travel Options program, intended to reduce pollution and improve the health and mobility of those living or visiting in the Portland/Vancouver area. You may purchase a copy of this popular guidebook in bookstores or online for a minimal cost of $9.95. If you would like to know more about the “Walk There!” walking guidebook, you may visit www.oregonmetro.gov. Happy cardio adventures!

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