Exercise of the Month – August 2009


If you are interested in an effective exercise to strengthen/tone your abdominal girdle, increase your core strength, decrease back/neck pain, and enhance cardio endurance, learn more about how to perform the “CRISS-CROSS.”

  1. Lie on back w/hands on backside of your lifted head (do NOT lift head with your hands/simply cradle head; knees bent toward chest in a 90-degree position from your bottom/butt.
  2. Fully extend your right leg with pointed toe, above mat.
  3. With elbows behind ears, stretch/twist your nose/upper body toward the outside of your left leg.
  4. Make certain you are reaching your chest across your body with your chest and shoulders, not using your hands on the back of your head to push your body upward. As much as possible, lift right shoulder off of the floor during the twist to the leg knee.
  5. Exhale deeply, as you stretch to your knee; inhale as you roll back to starting position. Head and legs never touch the floor until you have completed five to ten sets in each direction. Rotate twists from side to side.
  6. Slowly lower head to floor with knees pulled to chest, gently and slowly rocking your head from side to side for 15 seconds. Next rock the hips in a circle (knees still pulled to chest) pulling up on the knees, as to stretch the lower back. Rock for 20 seconds in each direction.

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