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December 2010HTML VersionPDF Version
Article – Stability Ball
Exercise Tip – Stability Ball Shoulder Bridge (Butt Lift)
Nutrition – Oven Roasted Squash w/Garlic & Parsley
Winter Specials

October 2010HTML VersionPDF Version
Article – Why is Physical Activity So Important? – Is it about weight loss or is there more?
Exercise Tip – Dumbell Lateral Raises
Nutrition – Sweet Potato Chips with Greek Yogurt Ginger Dip
Fall Special – Open House Announcement – New Pilates Class

June 2010HTML VersionPDF Version
Article – Women & Muscles
Exercise Tip – Side Plank
Nutrition – Slow Cooker Black Bean & Mushroom Chili
Special Offer – Holiday Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

December 2009HTML VersionPDF Version
Article – Ice or Heat After Injury?
Exercise Tip – Front Plank
Nutrition – Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato Salad
Special Offer – Holiday Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

November 2009HTML VersionPDF Version
Fitness Classes for Every Lifestyle
Article – Achilles Tendonitis
Exercise Tip – Exercise Partners
Nutrition – HG’s Perfect Pumpkin Bread
Special Offer – Holiday Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

October 2009HTML VersionPDF Version
Fitness Classes for Every Lifestyle
Article – Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)
Exercise Tip – Blast Out
Nutrition – Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies
Special Offer – Save 30%

September 2009HTML VersionPDF Version
New Classes – Flexibility/Strength Fusion & Become Your Own Successful Personal
Trainer Seminar
Article – Ankle Sprains — Prevention and Rehab
Exercise Tip – Side Plank
with Bent Knee
Nutrition – Zesty Salsa Salmon
Special Offer – Save 30%

August 2009HTML VersionPDF Version
New Class – Mid-Day Circuit Pilates
Exercise Tip – Walking
Nutrition – Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin
Special Offer – Save 20%

July 2009HTML VersionPDF Version
New Class – Boomer Bootcamp Blast
Exercise Tip – Core Training: Criss-Cross
Article – U/V Safety Month
Nutrition – Recipe: Hearty Wild Rice Salmon Chowder
Special Offer – Save 20%

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