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Belinda Balogh, Certified Personal Fitness InstructorBelinda Balogh, Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Boomer Fitness Solutions, specializes in exercise for Baby Boomers and Seniors. Her goal is to create exercise routines that insure  STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE in your body. Belinda provides both “small” semi-private group sessions, as well as individual (aka One-on-One) fitness programs that are personalized to fit your current health and fitness goals. In addition to “In Studio” exercise programs, Belinda can travel to your location for either small class exercise or personal exercise training. The end result of working with Belinda: You will feel confident about moving through your day, because you feel stronger, more flexibility and experience better balance! You will also notice a reduction in body pain, a loss of weight, and have greater endurance to complete daily activities, whether at home or on vacation.

Belinda works with you to understand your specific fitness goals, physical limitations, and ultimate goals, and crafts a fitness program appropriate for YOU. As a certified personal trainer with an education in physiology and fitness technology, Belinda understands how to motivate and encourage you to achieve your specific goals with appropriate assertiveness and exercise proficiency, which allows you to get the most from each workout session while waking the next day feeling that you exercised but not feeling so much pain you can’t get through your day. Additionally, Belinda works in cooperation with your physician, if necessary, to ensure that the fitness program she recommends is safe for you and your body.

Working with a certified fitness trainer is a optimal avenue to make certain your exercises are appropriate for your body, as well as your “exercise form” is accurate to ensure you are getting the most out of each move with no physical injury. This is especially important as your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons become more “injury prone” with maturity.  The majority of Belinda’s clientele are between the incredible ages of 45 and 92 years.

Belinda Balogh
“American Council on Exercise” Certified Personal Trainer

Belinda Balogh has always enjoyed helping people and encouraging them to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. For over 30 years, she’s worked with people to implement exercise routines and fitness programs to do just that. For Belinda, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as watching her clients become excited about their own recognition of  their ability to touch their toes, stand on one leg, walk a 5K, and/or lift a milk carton with one hand. Belinda launched Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions in early 2009, to provide a safe, incredibly fun exercise environment, all within a private studio.

A native of Arizona, Belinda walks the talk… she leads an active lifestyle. Outside of encouraging a client to push for that extra “roll up”, you’ll find Belinda  walking her dogs along a coastal hiking trail, with her hands in the dirt of her vegetable & flower garden, or wielding a soldering iron creating a stained glass masterpiece. As many commercials are now stating, “a body in motion, stays as a body in motion”. Keep moving, so you can keep living the life you deserve!

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