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Have you ever thought about working out in a gym environment, and felt nervous to do so?

If you  have ever thought of working out with a trainer or being a part of a gym, but felt nervous about being a part of a “gym” environment, because you didn’t know what to do with the machines/weight/equipment, didn’t feel safe with all of the noise, numerous people “hanging out on the equipment”, etc.  Even if you got two or three training sessions with a trainer, you were still uncertain with HOW to go about exercising to meet your own fitness goals?

Have you ever thought about using a personal trainer, but either found on your own that if they were not skilled with how to work with mature bodies, and instead of helping you, they  hurt you  …  or you have heard horror stories about friends who were in intense pain for almost a week after using a trainer?

Would you like to increase your flexibility, so that you could reach your feet  (or pick up an object from the floor) without feel feeling “off balance” or unable to bend down?

Would you like to reduce daily joint, muscular and back pain?  Would you like to feel better in your body?

Are you concerned about your Bone Density?

Do you have difficulty getting up off the floor, and find yourself reaching for the couch, a chair or the coffee table to get upright?

Do you think it’s possible that an “experienced” Older Adult trainer could aid in your health/fitness desires?

Would you like to exercise in a SAFE, FUN, SUPERVISED environment?

Belinda has worked with varied clientèle over the past years, but her favorite group to work with are Baby Boomers and Seniors. This specific population is looking for effective, AND well-directed exercise programs which deal with daily situations in their lives, such as bone density, physical strength, flexibility, pain reduction, the ability to lift their grand-babies, physical energy, etc.  Additionally, Belinda works with clients, both “pre” and “post” back, shoulder, hip and knee surgeries/replacements. She has heard from these clients that their doctors state surgical recovery has been faster, due to their exercise program. Further more, other clients have also stated that since their personal training sessions, they have decreased their chiropractice visits.

All monthly exercise programs include 2x+ weekly one-on-one resistance/strength training sessions, along with “cardio” recommendations. Small “semi-private” class sessions provide you with a personal trainer at a reduced price.

Belinda has provided free exercise seminars/clinics to the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce members, weight-loss groups, retirement homes, and in-home groups wanting to change their health levels. Belinda has also been in the August, 2013 Portland Monthly Health Guide, “Ages & Stages, in the section “SENIOR STRONG”. Additionally, she enjoys educating her clients on the important difference between the weight seen on the scales and the body fat percentages. Belinda’s only goal for each client is they achieve their desired fitness goals. KNOW THAT TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE and have fun in the process!!!

As your personal trainer, Belinda’s goal is to:

  • Assess YOUR current fitness level and design a fitness
    program that benefits your specific goals and abilities.
  • Educate you about your body, including physiological changes
    which occur during our workout sessions.
  • Provide accountability and motivation.
  • Offer exercise modifications for an individualized experience.
  • Create a Mind/Body connection, which prevents potential
    accidents such as falling, tripping, turning ankles, etc.
  • Increase overall strength and flexibility.
  • Build both bone density and muscle mass.
  • Instruct YOU as to how to lose body fat.
  • Decrease body pain,
  • Create an exercise environment that causes you to laugh
    throughout your “very fast” hour-long workout.

Live life with strength and confidence!
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